What are our general property management services?

Property Management
We will exclusively manage your property by finding and screening a qualified tenant, prepare and execute the lease, perform pre and post move-in inspections, collect rent, collect and hold the security deposit, disburse monies to the owner, handle all maintenance issues, evict, if necessary, and respond to any and all tenant / 3rd party issues.


Tenant Procurement Only

We will find a qualified tenant, prepare the lease between the tenant and owner, collect the first month’s rent and collect the security deposit. The owner then assumes the lease and security deposit responsibilities for the lease term.

What if I have a Realtor already listing my home?

No problem, we will work with your realtor while the property is on the sale market as well on the rental market.

Where do we advertise?

We exclusively advertise each and every property on over 30 websites and the venues below. We do not charge a separate marketing fee for our management services. We pay for our advertising charges from our lease finder’s fee.


  • The local MLS (We use our Realtor status to list every rental on the Charlotte Area MLS and open your property to 7,000+ area Realtors)
  • Our firm’s primary websites: www.RentCharlotteHomes.com and www.CarolinaUnitedRealty.com
  • Carolina United Realty\’s yard signage (where allowed by HOA)
  • Rentals.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Carolinahome.com
  • RentalHomesPlus.com
  • RentalHouses.com
  • Hotpads.com
  • Kwikrents.com

How do we screen and select a rental applicant(s)?

We screen prospective tenant(s) via our relationship with TransUnion (one of the three major credit bureaus) and their Credit Retriever tenant screening services. We are a TransUnion approved partner which means we passed their rigorous application process and passed their on-site inspection to ensure we meet their company standards. TransUnion processes our tenant applications electronically based on credit, criminal, sex offender and past eviction federated database searches. We have adopted the TransUnion’s scoring and tenant recommendation policies built on industry standards to ultimately accept or decline prospective tenants. Our firm can also submit delinquent ending balances to TransUnion directly which means the delinquencies will be posted against their personal credit without the need for a public court judgment.

When do we disburse rental monies to the Owner / Landlord?

We disburse funds between the 20th and 24th of each month and not 30 days after it is collected.

What is ACH?

We only pay our owner’s via ACH. While we know you will prefer this method over a hardcopy check sent by U.S. Mail, ACH is a mandatory requirement for all of our owners. There is no cost to you for ACH service. If you do not log into your Owner’s Portal and enter your banking information for ACH payment then a hard copy check will be issued. In this scenario a $15.00 check processing charge will be applied to your account. ACH is an acronym for Automatic Clearing House and is an electronic banking process where our firm can make a direct deposit into your bank account. For tenants, we also can collect rent monies electronically from a designated account once the tenant has set up their rent payment auto-payments via our Tenant portal.

What contracts do we use with the Owner / Landlord and Tenant(s)?

All contracts used by Carolina United Realty were written by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and the South Carolina Real Estate Commission and their lawyers.

What is our pet and smoking policy?

We recommend that you be pet friendly where possible. It is, of course, ultimately up to you. If pets are allowed, we will charge a $200 – $250 non-refundable pet deposit for pets. Please note that by not accepting or considering pets you will often restrict your rental audience. We recommend you consider pets as our experience has been very positive. We do not allow a few specific breeds of dogs due to their declared guard dog status such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Mastiffs, German Shepherds (unless service dog certified.)


No smoking is allowed at any of our managed properties.

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