“Carolina United Realty has been managing my rental house for over a year now, and I am tremendously pleased with all aspects of their service. They recruited, and signed the perfect tenant (a 3 year lease, no less) and helped them make all move in arrangements, with absolutely no action on my part. They have supported the tenant through the past year, and provided me with monthly reports on a timely and consistent basis posted on their excellent owner portal, all of which makes the ownership of this rental property effortless for me. Their service is easily worth the commission that they charge, and I will use them for all future rental properties.”

– David K.

“I have been with this company for almost a year now. Had one issue with the property I am leasing and when I reported it they were quick to respond and the issue was resolved as quickly as possible with no trouble to myself or my family.


I use the online tenant portal every month to make rental payments and it is an easy way to make payments and or communicate with Carolina United Realty. Their reply has always been within 24 hrs of my inquiry online. They are virtually invisible however are quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have.


I asked to extend my lease another 2 years and their response was quick and it was easy to extend. I would strongly recommend this company to do business with.”

– Tim Tarr

“I have used Carolina United Realty Property Management several times in the past few years to manage my real estate portfolio. They have always been respectful and responded to all of my inquiries in a very timely manner. They have saved me money, several times, on repairs and re-habs. They have also helped me sell my properties when the time was right to do so. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone looking for a strong, professional property management company.”

– Dean Carpenter

“Carolina United Property Management has been very good to me. I gave them 2 properties to manage after I discovered how difficult they could be trying to manage them on my own and working at the same time. I felt like my tenants were taking advantage of me. After I turned the homes over to Carolina United, things seemed to turn around. They understand the eviction process and handled all of that for me very effectively. I trust them and so should you.”

– Kim

“Working with Jim Acord of Carolina United Realty, has been a great experience. They have been managing my property in Charlotte, NC for over a year and, as this is my first experience with rental property, they have made it a very pleasant experience. They screen the renters carefully and act quickly to get a new renter in the property once it becomes vacant. I have not missed a month’s rental income because of their foresight and quick action. Any repairs to the property that have come up were handled smoothly and economically and with great thoughtfulness to my situation.


They are a great team and I feel fortunate to have them involved in my rental experience. ”

– Pat Zielinski, Maumee, OH

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